A parent’s worst nightmare…

Posted by Mr. Longmire on Sep 9, 2009 in Gripes, In the News

Yesterday, our Muslim presidente’ had the nerve to actually speak to our American… AMERICAN… school children and corrupt their young souls with talk of “studying hard,” “staying in school,” “never giving up,” and other piles of verbal garbage. The infidel even told our precious children that the country needs their help and he was counting on them. Well, hahahahahahahahaha, we know what he REALLY is up to… HE WANTS TO ROUND UP ALL OUR CHILDREN AND EAT THEM TO SATISFY HIS CANNIBALISTIC HUNGER. HE WANTS TO DEEP FRY THEIR LITTLE BODIES AND DIP THEM IN HIS SPECIAL SOCIALIST SAUCE. I’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU, MR. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, I WILL SEE TO IT THAT MY CHILDREN NEVER EXCEL AT ANYTHING JUST TO FOIL YOUR PLANS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. I WIN.

Come out, come out, little ones, wherever you are...

Come out, come out, little ones, wherever you are...



Posted by Mr. Longmire on Jun 23, 2009 in Gripes

Wow, I never realized when I started this Wordpress blog how much spam it would attract. How do they find me? Has anyone out there ever… EVER… bought anything, or even visited a website, as a direct result of receiving a spam e-mail? I know most spam is automatically generated, but damn. I guess there is SOME return on it from people out there.

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