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It's me.. Longmire!

It's me.. Longmire!

Hello there. I’ve been away for a while, haven’t I? Just over two years. I guess I should explain, huh?

Well, blame it on laziness and inconvenience. One day of not feeling like writing turned into two days. That turned into a week, then into two weeks, then into a month. A month eventually turned into a year, then before I knew it, another year passed! Oh, I had plenty of entertaining things to share, but I just got into a mood to where I tired of the chore of posting entries.

That’s where the inconvenience came in.

The way I posted entries was this… I would write in Dreamweaver, which is website authoring software, and then post the updated page via FTP. I only did this from my home computer and by the time I got home from work everyday, I didn’t want to get back on a computer to do anything. I just wanted to unwind and watch television or play video games.

Well, I finally arrived into the new millennium and am now using blog software that allows me to log in, write, and publish wherever I have access to a computer and internet connection. Much better way to do it. On the advice of friends and associates, I chose WordPress to blog with. I recommend it highly.

About the web site: I plan to overhaul The Wonderful World of Longmire. A totally new design and some restructuring… mainly tossing out some old pages that take up space. Definitely staying are the two most popular features of the site… the romance novel covers (more to come) and the Planet of the Apes Funkified saga (I WILL FINISH IT IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS).

I missed out on quite a bit of commentary in the election year that just ended. Eh, well, you can never run out of Sarah Palin jokes. NEVER.

I started doing some joke stuff on subjects that are now way outdated. I guess I should do a special page titled “Outdated Material That Never Got Released In Time” and throw them all in there.

So, bookmark this page and come back often. I’m not planning to stay away again.

Oh, and one more thing… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

- Mark

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