So you couldn't make it to the 12:01am premier of The PowerPuff Girls Movie? Since I just left the theatre (yeah, it's really 3:56am as I write this), let me share just a few moments of the event with you.

I arrived at the Regal 10 at 5:34pm! Yep, I waited in line for over six hours to be guaranteed a good seat. I was the very first person in line. Luckly my best friend Brian arrived about 20 minutes later to keep me company.


We were placed in a "holding area" kind of out of the way. Thankfully, they provided some comfortable benches. (I had lugged a folding stool just in case.)

I was talking with a guy who worked at the theatre who was explaining how the projectors worked and how they had to splice the film together. Since I had been there so long, he invited me up to the projector room. Wow! I got to see the film print of the PowerPuff Girls movie setting on the tray and even got to touch it, with hand trembling from excitement, before it was fed into the camera. I also got to touch two of the PowerPuff Girls trailers which were setting on a trailer shelf. Let me tell you, they had a wall of trailers - each one was on its own little roll. Too cool. I also got to see the lock boxes that the PowerPuff Girls movie was shipped in. It came on 7 reels, each 20 minutes in length. Plus, I got to see the projectionist in his Power Puff Girl outfit. I ask you... does it get any better than this?


Below is a picture of the line at roughly 11:00pm. Everyone was getting excited. At this point there were close to 18 people in line. All total, they had sold nearly 20 tickets for the 12:01am showings.


Here's Brian (on the right) and myself about 15 minutes before they let us enter the theatre.


So what did I think of the movie? Take a look for yourself, I think this picture says it all.