Hey kids, in my travels around Knoxville, Tennessee, while stopped at red lights or just generally looking around while driving, I would see signs and names of businesses and amuse myself by thinking of how they would look if I just changed one letter, and only one letter, from their actual names.

Below is just the first batch of results (the actual names/words are captioned under each photo)...


(Pumps of Tennessee)


(Place Your Ads Here)


(Crouch Florist)


(Lange Animal Hospital)


(White Lace and Promises)


Well, that's it for now. I know, the collection is kind of skimpy right now, but I've spotted some more that I need to take photos of. If you see anything out there that has potential (wording on buildings, signs, billboards, neon, whatever), e-mail me with a photo attachment and your idea. If it's funny enough, I'll do the Photoshop work and post it here.


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