From the New York Times, October 14, 1965

Kindergartner holds class at gunpoint

Demands more cookies

By The Associated Press

OAK RIDGE, Tennessee - In a bizarre incident, Anderson County school officials are dumbfounded as to why a 5 year-old kindergarten student would hold his kindergarten classmates and teacher at gunpoint for three hours, demanding a ransom of seven additional cookies to his afternoon snack. After two hours of the class takeover, a police hostage negotiator managed to talk the youth into releasing all of the girls in the class. The crisis ended shortly after when the youth agreed to a compromise of three cookies and a cup of Kool-Aid, then surrendered his weapon. At time of press, the exact Kool-Aid flavor was not known.

One boy in the class suffered from a nosebleed which was unrelated to the hostage situation. He has a history of habitual nose-picking and was treated and released from Oak Ridge Hospital.

Chief of Police William "Big Bill" Blalock stated, "We did not give into the perpetrator's initial demands. Our negotiating team performed effectively and I am proud of them and the job that they did."

After questioning the youth, detectives from the Oak Ridge Police Department have determined that the student, Brian Hamby, acquired the 38-caliber revolver from an advertisement in an Archie and Jughead comic book. The 5 year- old stated that he saved up birthday and Christmas gifts of money from relatives to buy the weapon to have "just in case." According to a police spokesman, when asked why he would resort to such an extreme action to obtain cookies, Hamby replied, "Mary Beth was always taking my cookies from me. I told the teacher a bunch of times but she never did anything about it. She said little girls don't steal. My teacher stinks. I had to do something." Hamby's parents were shocked when informed of the news. "Brian is such a good little boy. Very quiet, keeps to himself, never has bothered anyone before," his father stated. "He's very intelligent also, always conducting his little 'experiments' on insects. I thought he was interested in biology. I guess I was wrong."

Young Hamby has been ordered to undergo psychological testing and officials charges are pending upon the test results.