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Almost Work-Related

Sent: Tuesday, April 9, 2002 10:39 AM
From: Christopher
To: Mark
Cc: Eileen, Jud
Web bullets


Christopher: Mark, we've all looked at the new proofs and think that we like #4 the best. If you could apply that to all of the tabs, I think that will get it. You can then go ahead and slice up the top graphics for us.

If you have any questions on the slices, just let me know.


Mark: What is a "slice?"


Eileen: And what does a slice have to do with a bullet?


Mark: Yeah, Christopher... exactly who are you and what purpose do you serve?


Eileen: Go get 'em! Hah!


(long pause)


Mark: I think I stunned him.

He doesn't know.


Eileen: Glad your phaser was set to stun!


Mark: I swear, Eileen... you always have to throw a Trekkie reference in there, don't you?


Christopher: But the question remains...was it a Type 1 Phaser, a Type 2 Phaser, or a classic series Phaser? (man, I'M not looking like a Trekker)


Mark: Stop it.


Jud: Y'all get to work.


Christopher: Wait a second... I've calculated that if we sent 16.2 more consecutive emails to each other, we should be able to clog up the intranet bandwidth and take down the entire network.


Jud: Oh, in that case, go for it!


Mark: You people don't make any damn sense.


Christopher: You know, if I didn't constantly hear a laugh track in the back of my head, I would think that you guys have a BIG chip on your shoulders or something.

A "slice" is the how the top gets cut up into little pieces. The cut lines should be in the Photoshop file that Susan created (although they don't exactly match now). Still, it will show you where the horizontal cut is below the phase tab.

As for "bullets", that's a question for Mark, I just hit "reply". *grin*

Any other questions that I can answer (that are relevant to this project)?


Mark: The joke's on you... I invented the slice.

I was just testing you.




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