Note: The standard address, date, and addressee e-mail taglines have been eliminated and converted to dialogue format to streamline and enhance your reading pleasure. All last names of participants have been omitted to protect the innocent...

Big Fat Liar

From: Mark
Sent: Tuesday, July 1, 2003 9:24 AM
To: Brian
Cc: Susan
Subject: Lunch


Mark: Susan and I are lunching at Jefferson Drug Store at 11:30.

You're not invited, but I thought you'd like to know anyway.


Brian: No, you're not.


Mark: You can go with us to lunch as long as you follow me back to my office to set up my new computer.


Brian: You're making that up. Susan doesn't like to eat at the Jefferson and doesn't like to be seen with you in public. This is some kind of trick.


Mark: OK, then.


Brian: Big fat liar.


Mark: My plan seems to have worked... I guess we won't see you there.

I have outsmarted you once again.


Brian: Oh, I'll be there, just so I can watch you all not show up, you big fat liar.




Mark: By the way, Brian, I'm NOT fat... I'm husky.


Brian: You mean he's telling the truth? Well, in that case Mark I owe you an apolo.....I owe you something.

Susan, did you know you are getting a mini SX260 about the size of an X-box. It will fit in your Mini Cooper nicely! Are you taking 'The Coup' to lunch? I want, no, I need, to see it.


Susan: Hooray! New komputirs! Yes, I am driving it and it's name is ANDY! It's very well-behaved. So far. At least until it meets YOU guys.


Brian: I'll behave, I won't try to check the oil or kick the tires. It's Husky you have to worry about.


Mark: Shut up. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be going to lunch with us. You'd be in your office all alone, in the dark, drinking your lunch... as usual.


Brian: That's true, thanks for inviting me. Is there any slim chance you won't show up?


Mark: Only if Susan's car hits a cigarette butt on the road and flips over.


Brian: Hey brain tumor, I assume we're meeting at 11:30?


Mark: Are you talking to yourself?


Brian: See you there.



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