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Faulty Bowel Control is Not a Joking Matter


Sent: Friday, February 28, 2003 10:03 AM
From: Christopher
To: Mark, Jud
Subject: Something funny


Christopher: Mark, Jud sent this to me and I thought that it was terrible...terribly funny! (animation of baby taking a dump in the bathtub)

Mark: And I bet you can relate to it, Christopher.


Christopher: Well, I can't exactly say that I have any kids who do that.


Mark: I think you missed my point. Who said anything about kids?


Christopher: Hey man, faulty bowel control is not a joking matter. *grin*


Mark: That's what Jud keeps telling me. Regardless of if I ask or not, or no matter what the topic of conversation is, he just keeps saying "faulty bowel control is not a joking matter."


Christopher: I know...we were in a conference call with the CDC the other day and our client said "Jud, what do you think is the greatest problem facing out new CD-ROM program?". Of course, Jud answered "faulty bowel control is not a joking matter." Needless to say, the conference call went down hill from there.


Mark: Maybe he's on to something. If so, I might need to rethink my whole concept of comedy.



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