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Game Ball

From: Kristen
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2004 9:54 AM
To: Connie, Brian, Mark
Subject: FW: Game Ball
Attachments: gameball.jpg


Brian: Rawhide malfunction.


Kristen: SpiralGate.


Mark: Nip Iron


Brian: Roughing the nipple. Five yards. First down.


Mark: The officials are reviewing the nipple...


Kristen: The nipple clearly split the uprights giving the Patriots the win.


Mark: Pass interference, half the distance to the nipple. It's still 2nd down.


Brian: Clearly the Panthers not being able to keep possession of the nipple is hurting their chances to score..


Kristen: In desperation, Brady has thrown the Hail Nipple for the score!!


Mark: After the touchdown pass, the wide receiver spiked the nipple.


Brian: Oops, dead nipple.


Mark: After reviewing the play, it's been determined that the receiver did not have full possession of the nipple. Incomplete pass.


Kristen: Though he did get a good hand on the nipple before it slipped through his fingers......


Brian: He should have handed off the nipple before he got caught holding.


Mark: Bob, the quarterback has been having trouble all day getting the nipple to his receivers... do you think the weather has been a factor, making the nipple hard to catch?


Brian: Well, if he could have picked it off it wouldn't have been a loose nipple.


Mark: You've got a good point on the nipple there, Bob.


Brian: The center is having trouble snapping the nipple and now they're third and long.


Mark: Yes, it's time to stop bobbling that nipple, start suckin it up, and get it to the QB.


Brian: And if you buy twelve months of Sports Illustrated at our regular price, we'll send you an autographed nipple.


Mark: Which includes our annual swimsuit edition.

And nipples.



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