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Go Big Orange Paint

From: Mark
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2000 3:36 PM
To: Brian, Tonya, Teresa
Subject: Idiot paint


Mark: Get a load of this crap that's in today's paper...

The guy in the photo has "Vol Fan" written all over him.


Tonya: I just threw up my breakfast thanks to this lovely little article.


Mark: Don't forget to paint it orange.


Lost my breakfast on ol' Rocky Top,
Looking at a fan from UT,
Mighta made a mistake coming to Tennessee
Cause I'm from UNC,
Rocky Top, you'll always be,
A grinding, whining pain-in-the-ass song to me,
Good ol' Rocky Top,
Rocky Top, Tennessee,
Rocky Top, Tennessee.


Came out of the hills to go to the hardware store,
For my trailer I need to paint,
Saw buckets of Go Vol Orange stacked on the floor,
Got a boner and started to faint,
Home Depot, you'll always be,
The perfect place for rednecks like me,
Good ole Home Depot,
I'm so excited, I'm about to pee,
Just saw a great deal on big orange "T"s.


Brian: Hey Pimp Daddy Orange, you maybe want to the movies this week, say Thursday?


Mark: Sounds good as of now. If I feel later that I'm sick of you and don't want to go, I'll let you know.


Brian: Yes, I'll be looking forward to it, too. Peasant.


Mark: Knave.


Brian: Hemorrhoid sufferer.


Mark: Anal bead.


Brian: Mistake.


Mark: Wet spot.


Brian: Runs With Panties.


Mark: Hag.


Brian: Oprah wannabe.


Mark: Vol fan.


Brian: That hurt.


Mark: You flinched. I won.


Brian: I hope you don't particularly like the color of the wall paint in your office.


Mark: Same with your car.



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