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Jihad on You!


Sent: Wednesday, April 9, 2003 3:26 PM
From: Mark
To: Brian
Subject: Ultimatum


Mark: Mr. Hamby, you must disarm.


Brian: I stand like a rock in the sand that cannot be moved, Camel Spit American Infidel.


Mark: We will fight you wherever there is sky, land, and water on the Earth.


Brian: And Allah will make the sky solid, the land quicksand, and the water will turn to impassable extra virgin olive oil, you veiled pork eating sex machine.


Mark: You lie with the unclean whores of Newark.


Brian: The spewing satan hatred that travels in your mouth cleanses the ground of your fallen comrades, Oil Eating Preposterous Reality TV Loving Tree Hugger.


Mark: In the unlikely event that you bathe, you leave the ring of tyranical filth around the tub of spiritual purity.


Brian: Jihad on you! Jihad on you! You now get Jihad on you!


Mark: Double Jihad on you! No comebacks!


Brian: Damn.

Shut up, American devil.


Mark: I'll shove a red hot jihad up your ass and you'll become the new Minister of Inflamation.


Brian: Ain't my bag, Dad.


Mark: Now, that was lame.


Brian: I'm saving the good ones


Mark: Obviously.


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