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What About My Needs?

Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 9:50 AM
From: Cindy
To: Mark
Subject: Co-worker


Cindy: Hey Dude!

Guess who I saw at Flaherty's Furniture? Edna Myers! Remember her? She works there as a sales consultant. She asked about you and Susan. She told me to tell you NOT to turn into a "Mean Old Man".

P.S. Who is the one leaving the Graphics Department?


Mark: Good to hear from you, Cindy. Edna as a furniture salesperson? Interesting.

Laura Niles left us about two weeks ago. We've had quite a succession of turnovers here. Sharon, Cathy, Jamie, and now Laura. We have openings now for an editor and now an artist. I keep hoping that they'll hire a single babe for me in these vacant positions, but they always screw me over, time and time again.

What about MY needs?


Cindy: Where did Laura go?


Mark: She went to work in the art department of Philips Magnavox, I believe.


Cindy: What's going on over there? I'll come back if the pay is right? I was telling Edna, I should have never left the Graphics Department. I loved it there. But the pay SUCKED!!!


Mark: I think everyone started leaving when I started wearing a thong to work.

Hey, you didn't answer me... what about MY needs?


Cindy: I am about to BUST a GUT laughing!! Hey wait a minute, that might be a good reason to come back there. It sounds like the dress code for men has changed!?


Mark: Now dammit, quit ignoring me. WHAT ABOUT MY NEEDS????




Mark: Forget it. Instead, go to

and then go to


Cindy: Those two sites are great!! You need to update your "Almost Daily News", I Tell You!!


Mark: Thanks. It is "almost" daily, so I deliberately let myself off the hook to not have to add something every day.

Is your sister divorced yet? Just wondering. Tell her that I think she should leave her husband and come with me on a Journey of Love.


Cindy: Are you guys still on Mitchton Road?


Mark: You just keep ignoring parts of my messages, don't you? The parts concerning me and love. Too hot for you? I bet you're sorry you emailed me to begin with, aren't you?

No, we moved to the bottom floor of the auditorium building about three years ago.


Cindy: I think I'll forward a copy of this e-mail to her so she can check out your web site.


Mark: Go for it. Anything that will bring her to me.

I AM referring to your middle sister, not the youngest one. I forgot her name.


Cindy: Her name is Sheri.


Mark: Are you sure? That doesn't sound right.


Cindy: I am positive! Sheri. Angie is the youngest.


Mark: Then I've been crying out the wrong name into the night. I've been saying Charlene.

Apologize to Sheri for me.


Cindy: You have been watching tooo many Andy Griffith shows!!


Mark: Huh?



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