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Yee-haw! Gentlemen start your machine guns! Are you man enough to handle Dalo?

A country western, first person shoot-em up that happens on this weird alien circular track out in space. Dalo will have you hooting and hollering for more as you run and drive around whuppin' some serious ass through a whole lot of really big inside and outside places, in powerful race cars with big guns welded to them. You'll have the biggest gawd-damn collection of hard hitting, fast shooting weapons, big bombs and other exploding shit, and more things to do of any shoot-em-up your ass have ever seen before. Hell, there's so much damn stuff to blow up, and so much stuff to blow it up with, that it's just one step short of you having buy one of them there ATF licenses to play!

Dalo grabs you by the ass with both hands and shoves you into one of them there computerized virtual realty type things with butt ugly aliens and real pretty lasers and all that other make believe shit that you know ain't real. Dalo has a big-ass stereo soundtrack featuring the likes of such great artists as Charlie Daniels, Brooks and Dunn, and Garth Brooks!

There's large, east to read words, lots or pretty pictures, die hard NASCAR™ approved racing action, and enemies that look and act so real that you'll swear they smelled as bad as your in-laws.

But what the hell exactly is you doing in Dalo?

That's simple. Some evil aliens have built a copy of a NASCAR track in space and that just ain't right. Now it's up to you to figure out just why the hell they went and did some stupid ass thing like that when you know that nobody has no rocket to get up there and watch all that racing action. You get to take control of Dale Earnhardt's brain, which has been shoved into this nearly indestructible big ass robot body with wires and shit hooking it up so it can walk around and shoot up bunches of stuff. It's up to you to save NASCAR and Earth, and help Dale Earnhardt find a way to not only get back down to Earth, but how to get back in time to beat the pants off that sissy boy, Jeff Gordon.

So strap your ass in for a rough and tumble, high speed ride through Dalo and teach them butt ugly space critters a lesson they'll never forget and they'll learn the hard way just how you got the reputation as "The Intimidator" by kicking ass and taking names.


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