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Area Code Change

Sent: Thursday, August 10, 2000 9:43 AM
From: Mark
To: Brian, Teresa, Tonya
Subject: Area Code


Mark: I would like to personally choke the person(s) who changed the telephone area code to 865. Not only for the brilliant genius of changing it to spell out VOL, but for also being responsible for me having to make changes to phone numbers in a 120 page document I'm revising.


Brian: One good thing about the change, it can never be changed again. It it was changed, Vol fans would riot, buying up all the big orange paint and rampage through East Tenn., knocking over garbage cans, painting people's pets and relatives, hooting and hollowing, and finally ending their violent closure with a rally at Krystal.


Tonya: Mark, shut up and quit your whining. Use the find and replace function. I wonder if that works for co-workers as well...


Mark: Oh yeah... I forgot about the find and replace function (thanks), but I'd still like to choke someone. Tonya, would you mind if I choked you?


Tonya: Hey man....choke your own......, oh uh yeah, we are at work........nevermind.


Mark: It was just a matter of time before someone made that reference. We knew we could count on you, Tonya.


Tonya: This from the man who screamed about a jammed condem dispenser and made a living cutting the crotches out of panties.


Mark: That was different.


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