Now they’ve REALLY done it…

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Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, has really crossed the line this time, viciously attacking one of our national treasures. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO AMERICA????????

Misguided child holding "God Hates Charlie Sheen" placard.

Misguided child holding "God Hates Charlie Sheen" placard.


Sandra Bullock has lost her mind…

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I saw this magazine as I was going through the Wal-Mart checkout this evening…


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Just in time for Christmas…

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This new Xbox 360 game is sure to be the must-have gift of the season!

New from EA Sports... Tiger Woods Driveway Challenge!

New from EA Sports... Tiger Woods Driveway Challenge!


NASA scrubs Ares I-X launch again

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Due to circumstances beyond their control, NASA is forced to cancel the launch of the Ares I-X rocket for the second day in a row.

Launch of Ares I-X postponed

Launch of Ares I-X postponed


A parent’s worst nightmare…

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Yesterday, our Muslim presidente’ had the nerve to actually speak to our American… AMERICAN… school children and corrupt their young souls with talk of “studying hard,” “staying in school,” “never giving up,” and other piles of verbal garbage. The infidel even told our precious children that the country needs their help and he was counting on them. Well, hahahahahahahahaha, we know what he REALLY is up to… HE WANTS TO ROUND UP ALL OUR CHILDREN AND EAT THEM TO SATISFY HIS CANNIBALISTIC HUNGER. HE WANTS TO DEEP FRY THEIR LITTLE BODIES AND DIP THEM IN HIS SPECIAL SOCIALIST SAUCE. I’VE GOT NEWS FOR YOU, MR. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, I WILL SEE TO IT THAT MY CHILDREN NEVER EXCEL AT ANYTHING JUST TO FOIL YOUR PLANS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. I WIN.

Come out, come out, little ones, wherever you are...

Come out, come out, little ones, wherever you are...


What the…

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031909poster_t3002Strange photo today on the main page of the Knoxville News Sentinel’s web site


Those poor CEOs…

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Bernie and George

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Hey, that Ponzi scheme swindler guy Bernie Madoff kinda looks familiar…



Come on, everybody…

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I am tired of all this divisiveness in the country. Can we not put all this Republican versus Democrat bullshit out of the way and truly work together to solve our problems? There are a lot of intelligent people in Washington that continuously succeed in getting absolutely nothing done. Whatever happened to compromise? I believe that our elected officials in Washington are playing this game to suit themselves and are totally out of touch with what Americans need or care about.

I really hope that Obama and his team can fix the economy… and shouldn’t everyone share that hope rather than tear it down just for the sake of complaining?

I hope we really learn something from all this so we don’t find ourselves here again. Hang in there, everybody.



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Today was a special moment in our country’s history. Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States, which is an incredible feat considering the obstacles suffered by black Americans for centuries. I was awestruck by the day’s events, and it even brought a tear to my eye. I’ve never seen our country come together before as it did today… we usually unite as Americans because of unfortunate circumstances. Even if you didn’t vote for President Obama, you had to sense something good and right about today. If you didn’t feel the least bit moved, then you don’t have a pulse.

As of today, young black people now believe they REALLY can be anything they want to be in life, even President, rather than that lofty aspiration being a corny old phrase used to patronize and pacify. I heard a commentator today say that among young black Americans it is now cool to be smart.

Yesterday was the new First Lady’s birthday, and I saw images of Mrs. Obama filmed through the whistle-stop train’s windows that showed a party in progress with party hats and streamers. Mrs. Obama was shown doing a dance and enjoying herself. Have you ever seen Stepford Wife Laura Bush show the least bit of emotion? The Obamas look like a really nice NORMAL family and it will be refreshing to have a First Family that you actually like.

So long, George W. Bush. Usually, when a president leaves office you might feel a little nostalgic like you will miss them. Not with this guy. Good f’ing riddance. We are stuck with his mess and he will always be remembered for it. I wonder if his defenses ever come down and he, if just for a fleeting moment, has any remorse for what he’s done and realizes what a failure he is? Is it possible to be in such denial as to believe that your dismal approval rating is a mistake and that the majority of the population is just all wrong about their feelings toward you?

obama-time-cover1Okay, enough about the past. President Obama has got a very difficult task ahead of him and has asked for our help. I’m willing, are you? I like the man, but the media has painted Obama to be some kind of a savior, which only sets him up to be a disappointment. Let’s wish him the best and work together on fixing the country.

Oh, and on a personal note, this is the first time a President has been younger than me… by two years. That is a strange feeling.

And on another note, it was unfortunate that there was some confusion in the recital of the Presidential oath of office this morning resulting in a fumbling of the words. Not to worry, President Obama will get it right the SECOND time in 2013.

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